22nd May 1641

Sarah [d]  to Robert and Jane Cribb.  St. Martin’s  Ongar.

Robert Cribb married Jane Slessing/Sleming at St. Swithins in 1637.



St. Boltoph’s. Bishopsgate.

Elizabeth Cribbe,       23rd March 1593.

Elizabeth Cribb,         4th November 1643.

Elizabeth Cribbers,    2nd April 1719.



6th February 1809.

William Cribb [b] to Jane Chapman. [by John Farrer]

Witnessed  by Ann Stephen and J. Walker.     St. Clements. Eastcheap.


25th August 1651.

Richard Cribb of Shadwell, Mariner,  to Elizabeth Cullamore.   St. Dunstan’s,  Stepney.


29th January 1659.

Walter Cribb of Limehouse, Mariner, to Adyre Tatton.  St. Dunstan’s, Stepney.


2nd December 1659.

Joseph Cribb of Limehouse, Mariner, to Blanche Facey.   St. Dunstone’s, Stepney.


Licensed Victualler's.

1809, Robert Cribb, ‘Greenman’. Edgeware Road. London.

1817, Robert Cribb, ‘Gordon Arms’, Holborn, London.


 Some details of Baptisms, Marriages and Deaths in the Bombay area of India.



Valerie M. Cribb, daughter of Edward Harry Cribb and Marjorie Sophia Cribb, Holy Trinity Church, Karachi, 1940

Thomas E. W. Cribb, son of Edward Harry Cribb and Marjorie Sophia Cribb,  Trinity Church, Karachi, 1945

Philip R. G. Cribb, son of Edward Harry Cribb and Marjorie Sophia Cribb, Trinity Church, Karachi, 1947


David Nancarrow Cribb son of Frank Thomas and Dorothy Mary Cribb, born 6th September 1938, and baptised on

8th September 1938. Resident in Guna. Father Resident Supervisor GLP railway.

Frank Thomas’s first wife Francis Margaret died 10th July 1910.



Agnes Cribb aged 22yrs spinster, to Samuel Charles Patterson aged 28yrs engineer. 7th April 1914.

Daughter of Jonathon Cribb                 Son of John William Patterson.

Living at Lgaipuri                                Living in Bombay.

Married at the Methodist Episcopal Church, Lgaipuri.


Elizabeth Lydia Cribb aged 22yrs, spinster to Christopher Clough aged 30yrs engineman. Tue 6th 1916.

Daughter of Jonathon Cribb                               Son of Rueben Clough.

Living at Lgaipuri                                              Living at Lgaipuri

Married at the Methodist Episcopal Church, Laupuri.


Jonathon Clayton Cribb aged 23yrs engineman, to Evelyn Gladys Guiver aged 21yrs spinster. 11th January 1922.

Son of Jonathon Cribb                                             Daughter of Charles Guiver.

Married at the Methodist Episcopal Church, Lgaipuri.


Jonathon Clayton Cribb aged 27yrs widower, Station Superintendent to Florence Carmill Walker aged 25yrs

26th April 1927.

Son  of Jonathon Cribb [deceased]                           Daughter of Henry Walker.

Living at Kalyan                                                      Living at Fort

Holy ? Church Bombay, ( R C.)


Thomas Cribb aged 21yrs signalman Government telegraph to Charlotte Stephenson aged 15yrs. 12th February 1872.

Son of Thomas Cribb.                                          Daughter of William Stephenson.

Living at Bellary.                                                 Living at Bellary

London Mission Chapel, Bellary.



William Cribb aged 8 days buried 13th January 1878. Father Government Telegraph Office. St Andrews church, Bombay.


Albert Charles Cribb aged 16yrs, school boy. [pneumonia]  Buried 2nd March 1908.

St Mathias Church, Igaipuri, Bombay.


Francis Margaret Cribb aged 37yrs  Phthisis, Buried 10th July 1925 at Sewri Cemetery within the.

Archdeaconry of Bombay. Anglo Indian wife of Mr. F. T. Cribb engineering Dept., G.L.P railway.




Baptism in the Bengal Registration District.


Beryl Bertha Cribb.           1901

Thomas Henry Cribb.        1914

Lloyd D. Cribb.                 1916

Lydia C. B. Cribb.             1920

Douglas B. A. Cribb.         1921

Bryan M. B. Cribb.            1925


Marriages in the Bengal Registration District.


Henry John Crible  to  Augusta Johnson    1842

K. J. Crible            to  Mary Hamilton        1850

Mary Cribb            to  John Cardogan       1855    


Thomas S. Cribb       1911

Agnes A. R. Cribb     1912

Lilyan C. M. Cribb     1912

Frank T. Cribb          1914

Beryl B. M. Cribb      1915

Ethel Cribb               1928

Frank T. Cribb          1937